Our kennel of  Pomeranian / miniature spitz / is registered with the Związek Kynologiczny in Poland-
(ZKwP has been operating since 1938), which is a member of the FCI-Fédération Cynologique IZKwP is the only association whose lineages are honored throughout the world. Dogs with ZKwP pedigrees take part in all prestigious exhibitions in the world, such as Cruft’s.

Our kennel pomeranian or otherwise – miniature spitz is located in a picturesque place near Warsaw. All our dogs live with us at home and participate in everyday activities.


We are perfectly aware of your astonishment. Dog lovers of large and medium breeds, and such mini appears ??? And yes … The idea, or rather the desire to live with the Pomeranian, appeared much earlier than the dog itself. Being at the show in Druskininkai (Lithuania) my attention was drawn to the Pomeranian. A polite little dog staring at her lady in the restaurant. I could not take my eyes off them. Pomeranian satisfies my requirements as regards both aesthetic values (external appearance) and character (an exceptionally devoted breed, in love with her family, inquisitive, cheerful …). In our free time, we gathered knowledge about this wonderful breed. The decision was not easy, because the larger dogs live with us, and we were worried about how the little fluffy ball could handle such a herd. Our fears were unnecessary.

And so, a few years later, the first Pomeranian appears in the Equess Carnivale kennel – a beautiful bitch, a girl imported from Russia of outstanding origin. Our fears were unnecessary. Already on the first day she won the hearts of all household members. We are starting a show career and we hope to breed it in the future.

We look forward to the future with great plans for their hope. Dog breeding is our passion.

We cordially invite you to follow our steps, which we will post when updating this site.

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