Pomeranian puppies in our kennel:

Pomeranian puppies leaving our cattery:

  • they are dewormed three times and vaccinated according to the vaccination schedule,
  • they are microchipped,
  • receive a health book and an export pedigree FCI
  • they receive a layette.

       It is noteworthy that when choosing parents, we are concerned about health and the perfect type of future pomeranian puppies.

Adult and pomeranian puppies born in our keel we feed only the highest quality ingredients – “human grade”. Due to the concern for our little ones, cosmetics and veterinary preparations we use are also of the highest quality. Similarly, the enormity of time we devote to the care of puppies, as well as adult pomeranian and continuous expansion of knowledge.

In summary, there is no room for cost cutting in our breeding program.

Our assumption is breeding pomeranians at a high level in every respect, which is why the price we give for individual puppies is not subject to negotiators.

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